Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship



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The Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship is for young flautists aged fifteen years or under on January 1, 2021.  It provides them with the opportunity to prepare and perform works and to compete for cash prizes which may be used for tuition expenses or towards the cost of a new instrument or new music.  Entrants are required to perform own choice pieces on a C Concert Flute.  The time limit is 8 minutes.

  The Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship will consist of two prizes: First Prize: $250; Second Prize: $100 (donated by Elizabeth Koch AM).  Entries close TBA


The Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship is held annually in June for young flautists aged 15 years and under. Members of The Flute Society of South Australia Inc. are asked to consider ensuring the future financial viability of the Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship by making a donation to the Flute Society Scholarship Fund. All donations will assist our young flautists. 

Carolyn White Scholarship Donation Form

The Flute Society’s Committee decided to establish a Scholarship Fund in 1985 for the eventual holding of an annual scholarship for young flautists.  After three years of fundraising, the first scholarship was held and awarded in 1989, with Geoffrey Collins as adjudicator. In late 1995 the annual scholarship was renamed Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship. In recognition of the 21st Anniversary, a 3rd Prize was offered in 2006.

Carolyn White was born in 1960.  She attended Vermont High School, where she took up the flute, learning from Murray Cooper.  Carolyn went on to study at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, working with Zdenek Bruderhans.  She graduated with an Honours Degree in Music in 1982.  Carolyn played in a number of orchestras, including the Elder Conservatorium Symphony Orchestra, the South Australian Youth Orchestra and the Australian Youth Orchestra.  She was a casual player with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.  From 1985 to 1988, she served as President of the Flute Society of SA.  In 1988 Carolyn was elected an Honorary Life Member.  She died in September 1995.

Previous years: winners, pieces, adjudicators

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2020

Held: Sunday, October 18th
Where: Unley Uniting Church

Adjudicator:      Geoffrey Collins   

Scholarship winners 2020:  Royce Wong, Akane Mears

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2019

Held: Sunday, October 20th
Where: Unley Uniting Church

Adjudicator:      Samantha Penny

Scholarship winners 2019:  Holly Williams, Amy Song, Akane Mears, Ava Barton

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2018

Held: Sunday, October 21st
Where: Unley Uniting Church

Adjudicator:      Sabine Daniels             

First Prize:        Madeline Clegg   
Second Prize:    Jarvis Zhao 

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2017

Held: Sunday, October 22nd
Where: Unley Uniting Church

Adjudicator:                     Lisa Gill

First Prize:                        Tahlia West
Second Prize:                   Thanh-Mai Nguyen
Hon. Mention:                 Asha Reilly

Set piece: Les Plaisirs from Suite in A minor, Telemann

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2016

Held: Sunday, June 19
Where: Unley Uniting Church

Adjudicator:                     Alan Aungles

First Prize:                        Lily Seymour
Second Prize:                   Audrey Yeo
Hon. Mention:                 Thanh-Mai Nguyen

Set piece: Chaminade: Pièce romantique (AMEB Fourth Grade Flute Book, Series 3).

Carolyn White Memorial Scholarship 2016

Adjudicator:                    Julia Grenfell

First Prize:                       Anita Chaplin
Second Prize:                  Heidi Li
Hon. Mention:                Nancy Zhang

Set Piece:       Air and Hornpipe: Purcell, arr. Revell (Boosey and Hawkes/Rudall Carte).

Carolyn White Scholarship Results 1989-2018